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girt (See gird)


1 prepare oneself for a military confrontation; "The U.S. is girding for a conflict in the Middle East"; "troops are building up on the Iraqui border" [syn: arm, build up, fortify] [ant: disarm]
2 encircle or bind; "Trees girded the green fields" [syn: girth, girt, begird]
3 put a girdle on or around; "gird your loins" [syn: girdle]
4 bind with something round or circular [syn: encircle] [also: girt]girt v : encircle or bind; "Trees girded the green fields" [syn: girth, begird, gird]

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Etymology 1

Alteration of girth


  1. A horizontal structural member of post and beam architecture, typically attached to bridge two or more vertical members such as corner posts.
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Etymology 2

From girten


  1. To gird.
  2. To bind horizontally, as with a belt or girdle.
  3. To measure the girth of.

Etymology 3

See gird


  1. past of gird

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In architecture or structural engineering, a girt is a longitudinal structural member in a timber-framed wall. Girts resist lateral loads from wind and support wall cladding materials. Girts are supported by the columns and typically pass outside of one or more columns. The use of girts to support metal siding is common in pre-engineered metal building systems.
In metal building systems, girts are frequently constructed from cold formed steel 'Z' sections in a manner similar to roof purlins. These sections can be lapped and nested at the supports which creates a continuous beam configuration between the bays. See also Girt Bar located on the 737 used to deploy the escape slide.
An equivalent element in roof construction is a purlin.

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